Articles and Facts

–          Regularity – one big dump at the same time every day

–          No more needle-dumps

–          Save money on toilet paper by wiping less

–          Reduce sore ass from too much wiping

–          Hemorrhoid relief – dumps slip right out like an old man into a Jacuzzi

–          Bigger dumps- feel lighter on your feet after a nice big poo

–          Diarrhea relief- TPD’s high mucilage content absorbs water creating a gel-like quality to the dump

–          Prebiotic – TPD ingredient nourishes and promotes the growth of “good bacteria” in the intestines which effects range from better colon health all the way to better mood

–          Enhanced Quality of Life- Many users have noted an increased pep-in-their-step

–          Lower cholesterol- when used regularly, TPD’s high soluble fiber content can significantly lower cholesterol without any changes in diet

–          Reduce skid marks

–          Reduce itchy ass

–          Not shitting you pants

–          Not having to hold in your dump in uncomfortable situations

–          Being able to take a walk-off-dump when necessary

–          Fewer smelly embarrassing arts

–          Eat whatever you want because TPD will flush it all out

–          Increase confidence with a clean ass under the circumstances where a significant other may have their head close by