Just to make things clear, the staff at The Perfect Dump™ do not necessarily enjoy the frequent discussion of going to the bathroom. We don’t spend all our time online looking at pictures of poo or shopping for supplements or anything like that. But what we do enjoy is feeling our best. And there’s nothing that makes us feel better than taking a perfect dump in the morning, wiping once, and then going about our day.

That’s why we’ve adopted a completely no-nonsense approach to supplements and going to the bathroom by providing a straightforward, 100% all-natural, high-fiber powder with no chemicals added that is guaranteed to satisfy your needs or your money back does what it says it does. When the user mixes two scoops of our Perfect Dump™ supplement powder in with the beverage of their choice and they will experience the best dumps money can buy. Period.

The truth is most people don’t think about fiber supplements and taking the best dumps until it’s too late. They eat a bunch of crap for a few weeks in a row, managing out messy dumps that require tons of wipes. This can lead to dietary problems like constipation or diarrhea. To quickly resolve the issue, they run online and buy extreme supplements, laxatives or subscribe to colon cleanse powder diets. While these mixes and supplements might temporarily fix the problem, they often do so at the expense of the best day. Typical users can expect additional dietary issues like stomachaches and frequent visits to the bathroom.

The Perfect Dump doesn’t make the user go to the bathroom like a laxative, it makes it better when the user goes to the bathroom. The Perfect Dump’s unique blend prevents the need for extremes by regulating bowel movements before problems arise by filling out an inferior bowel movement with lubrication, texture, and substance.Even while binging on fast food it will compensate for the difference.

Everybody knows that everybody poos and that some poos are better than others. All someone has to do the next time they are online is click a few buttons and give it a try. After the user mixes two scoops of The Perfect Dump™ for two nights in a row, he or she experiences the best bowel movements the body can muster.

A note to users: while The Perfect Dump™ contains no known allergens or chemicals it should be still taken in moderation, specifically when a diet is lacking insoluble fiber. The Perfect Dump™ should be taken with at least 8oz of fluid and mixed thoroughly. First-time users should take The Perfect Dump™ for two nights in a row to experience the best results.