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Step 1

Mix 2 Tablespoons With Juice


Step 2

Drink It Quickly In The Evening


Step 3

Wake Up And Take The Perfect Dump™


What Is The Perfect Dump™?

The Perfect Dump™ is a no-nonsense, all-natural, high fiber supplement specially formulated to provide the best dumps the human colon can produce.

How Does The Perfect Dump™ Work?

The Perfect Dump™ provides a much needed boost of dietary, soluble and insoluble fiber to your digestive system causing you to completely empty out when you take a dump.

What Makes The Perfect Dump™ So Special?

Unlike laxatives and colon cleansers, The Perfect Dump™ doesn't make you go to the bathroom; it makes it better when you go to the bathroom.

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Don't Believe Us? Here's Some of Our Customer Testimonials

Michael G.
New York
"I have to say... After trying The Perfect Dump for the first time, I felt more fulfilled than ever before. I'm not someone who typically has issues with my dumps, but the ghost-wipe guarantee had me thinking it was worth a try. There was definitely something I had been missing, and now I'm happier than ever, each and every morning."
Danny V
New Jersey
“I realized I needed help when my wife told an entire dinner party that I had diarrhea every morning. I was angry and embarrassed that she would tell this to a large group of our friends over dinner, but she was right. I am not a totally unhealthy eater, but I obviously need help. This product really helps me take regular, healthy dumps. It could not be easier to achieve either. I still wish my wife had not told an entire dinner party, but I would not be taking a perfect dump every morning if she had not…….I guess I owe her one?”

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