Why The Perfect Dump Is Perfect

To keep things simple, I can say that The Perfect Dump works wonders on your bowels because it delivers a much needed, high dose of premium fiber to your lackluster diet. But I’m not feeling simple today, so I’ll take things a step further by explaining WHAT our product is and HOW it works on your body.

TPD is our own specially treated, minimally processed fiber from the plantago ovata plant.  Here at TPD, we use the whole, unrefined husk coating of the seeds of this plant to get the desired effect in dumping bliss. That’s a straight shot of high-grade fiber turning your poop into something, well, perfect.

The Perfect Dump facilitates better pooping first and foremost by providing BULK to your bowel movement. A lot of people suffer from poop that is too runny, too dry, or too hard. The result is an expenditure of extreme effort to perform a task that should be coming naturally. What our product does is combine combine with the liquids and then the food in your body to form a perfect, semi-solid mass. This mass is the material that pushes through your intestines, cleaning them out in the process.

LUBRICATION is also an essential aspect of TPD. The fiber in TPD has a high mucilage content.  It absorbs water into an expanding gel matrix contained within the fiber itself.  n English: your poop will slip out of your butt with minimal effort and there will be minimal wiping.  TPD is quite well know for inducing the fabled ‘Ghost wipes”, where your bowel movement is so nicely lubricated and clean, when you wipe there’s no poo on the paper. Your butt has never been cleaner and less irritable.

The fiber in TPD also has many positive effects on HEALTH. It lowers cholesterol, controls both constipation and diarrhea, lowers high blood pressure and eases hemorrhoid inflammation.

It’s also excellent for DIGESTION. Although fiber itself is indigestible, it facilitates proper digestion. This is why so many diets lacking fiber give way to inferior bowel movements. Think of fiber as the boat that carries your poop to its destination, and TPD as a product that’s able turn a shoddy canoe into a world-class yacht.

All animals require some form of fiber to help them digest. Tigers who do not get enough vegetables and plants in their diet have been know to eat mouthfuls of hair off of their prey to act as fiber and help them digest. The result is a more thoroughly digested meal with more of the meal’s nutrients being absorbed by the body. It may even help with WEIGHT LOSS as it allows for a “full” feeling to be maintained.

And that’s why The Perfect Dump is perfect.

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