The Wide World of Taking Dumps

Precious few things are universal in the true sense of the word. Taking dumps is one of those things. Every living organism takes in energy and expels waste in some way, so the only question that remains is: why be hesitant to talk about it?

We all take dumps. Many of us enjoy it. We enjoy taking the dump. Talking about the dump. Asking about the dump. Some of us, dare I say it, even enjoy smelling the dump. And let’s face it, few stories have as much potential for laughs as a classic tale involving a dump gone horribly awry.

Then there’s the science of the whole thing. Taking a dump is quite simply as miraculous a process as anything else the human body can muster. Imagine it: an internal garbage system that works for free every day of the week!

So the next time someone mentions their dump and you find yourself blushing, ask yourself if it’s even worth the reservation. If you need extra convincing, then log on to the Internet and do some searching, because you will quickly find that there is an entire community out there that has no qualms whatsoever talking about its dumps.

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